VOL05 – Chris Alex – Microradio EP

Chris Alex is a Newcomer from Osnabrück in Germany.
Although it’s his first release in this style of music,
he created outstandig masterpieces of Techno.
Somehow listening to the tracks is like a little journey.
With Octopuls he takes the audience with him into a dark and zone full of pressure.
In his Frei(t)raum opens a door to the unkonwn freedom of delight.
Madness, his third track pulls the audience back into the mad real world we all live in.
Enjoy your personal journey, don’t miss this tracks!

1. Octopuls
2. Frei(traum)
3. Madness

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VOL-SP01 – GabeeN – Transplantation Process EP

Voices Of Lilith Special 01 – GabeeN – Transplantation Process EP

Releasedate: 30.12.2010

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VOL03 – Frederick Klein – Der Blick nach Innen EP

Frederick Klein strikes back again. After very successfully releases on worldwide well known
Definition Records Frederick gave us three fantatstic techno-tracks for Voices Of Lilith.
We are proud to get four amazing remixes on the EP too. Remixers are A-Brothers from
Vienna (Austria) who are one of the biggest newcomers of the Year 2010. Plan-E,
Headman of Voices Of Lilith and experienced player and two absolutely big Talents
named Darkstealth and Plasma2097 (both from FFM/Germany)

Voices Of Lilith 03 – Frederick Klein – Der Blick nach Innen EP
Releasedate: 10.01.2011

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VOL04 – Darkstealth – Hammerhead EP

Voices Of Lilith 04 – Darkstealth – Hammerhead EP
Releasedate: 16. Dez. 2010
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VOL02 – Parametrix – Six Noises EP

Voices Of Lilith 02 – Parametrix – Six Noises EP
Releasedate: 04. Dez. 2010
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VOL01 – Tooltech – Basic EP

Voices Of Lilith 01 – Tooltech – Basic EP
Releasedate: 04. Nov. 2010

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